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AD authenticate failure

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AD authenticate failure



I have my MSM760 access controller setup and all is working except for one thing.


I am trying to use AD to authenticate. I have setup a test AD account, created an OU specifically for it and a security group also.


When I get to the html authentication page and try to login it says it has failed. The logs on the access controller say:


Nov 21 16:00:39 debug radiusd  E:rlm_sql (local_sql) in sql_postauth: Database query error - ERROR: syntax error at or near ")" LINE 1: ...ccess-Accept', '4d14ca1f', '0x01', 6, 0, '0x01','', '', ) ^ 
Nov 21 16:00:39 debug radiusd  E:rlm_sql (local_sql): failed after re-connect
Nov 21 16:00:38 debug radiusd  A:Login OK: [joe.bloggs123] (from client localhost port 1 cli 00-21-6A-6E-19-BA)


So it seems to accept my username and password, then it comes up with the error. If I switch off AD authentication and just use local then it works fine, I just cannot use AD authentication.


Does anyone have any ideas please?


thank you