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AP MSM without controler?

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AP MSM without controler?


(ap msm 410 / 422 / 335...)

These ap are linked with a MSM controler but I suppose they also work without (autonomous mode)
Is someone using these AP without controler? or is it better to use a controler?

Advice on the model? (msm 410 or 422?)



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cenk sasmaztin
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Re: AP MSM without controler?

all multi service access point able working autonomous mode (without controller)

but controller to added extra fonction your access point system

easy managemet,more security,more roaming fonction,more QoS and more troubleshooting

if you have more access point on your system my advice you must have controller

Re: AP MSM without controler?

All the MSM APs will work without a controller in Autonomous mode, except the MSM317.

If you have any more than a few APs, then a controller makes management much easier. the controller also enables funtionality (such as roaming, access-control, captive portal, etc) that are not available in autonomous mode.

The MSM APs are designed to have maximum benefit when they are used in controlled mode.