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Re: APs getting IPs from different VLANs

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APs getting IPs from different VLANs



We have an environment with two MSM720 controllers and several MSM430 APs. The ports of the switches connecting the APs have several VLANs assigned. All of the VLANs have a scope on a DHCP server.


The point is, not all of the APs get the IP address from the same VLAN.


Do you know how is the process of getting the IP address? Is there any way to force them to get it from just a VLAN?


Thanks in advance


Re: APs getting IPs from different VLANs



It's looks like a similar situation I got.


When the AP doesn't reach his controller on it's primary / untagged Vlan, it tries on other tagged vlan it can reach (why and how it can do it, it's a mystery for me).


In my situation, the controler was in a separate network, the AP had to get the controller's IP through the DNS resolution of CNSRV1 and the traffic is routed to the controller. The CNSRV1 was misconfigured and the AP wasn't able to reach the controller ...


Hope it will helps you.



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Re: APs getting IPs from different VLANs

Thank you FranoM


Here the APs are able to find the primary controller, but when they get their IPs, some of them get it from a VLAN and some others from another VLAN, and it seems very random.



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Re: APs getting IPs from different VLANs

The only way i found to restrict this is to configure the provisioning option for discovery and connectivity.


By default if the AP isn't getting an IP from the untagged VLAN it tries all other VLANs as well, but the reason for the AP not getting an IP from untagged while the scope if fine and enough IPs are available is still unidentified for me :)