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Active Directory logon integration

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Active Directory logon integration

I am trying to get Active Directory working for my BYOD


I have the following setup 





And I have the controller joined to the domian.  I am asked for a username and password and I am authenticated but I can't surf the internet.




I am hoping some one can point me to some documents on doing this or tell me where I am going wrong.

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Re: Active Directory logon integration

 Hello, Edie.


Did you ever tried to make a double check on these points?


1. Check if the Access Port and the Internet Port are properly configured. The Access Port provides the local access (LAN and APs) and the internet port provides the routing forwarding to the internet. If the Internet Port is configured in a different way (VLAN) than needed you could not reach the internet.


2. Make a double check on the VLAN and interface IP settings. The interfaces must be up and responding to ICMP requests from the LAN.


3. Re-check the gateway and DNS settings. If you are authenticating user on the AD, these settings are been delivered by the AD Server. Check if these settings are consistent.


4. If you already have a firewall on the LAN environment, disable the internal controller firewall, it is not useful in a scenario where a primary firewall (and probably most effective) already works. It is also good to make a check on the firewall regarding the policies applied to new networks if you are using new subnets in the wireless network.


The MSM controller series are wireless appliances and works slightly different from the Comware based, actually they "think" like routers, keep this in mind during the troubleshoot process.


Hope it helps.


Fred Mancen