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Airprint from Web Authenticated guest network?

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Airprint from Web Authenticated guest network?

We have many IPADs on our guest network that we would like to have printing capabilities. We are using a msm765zl with msm430 access points. Our guest network is setup for web authentication that puts all guest devices on a vlan that only has internet access. We have a airprint compatible printer, but the wireless on the printer does not support web authentication. Does anyone have any suggestion of what we can do? Thanks

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Re: Airprint from Web Authenticated guest network?

Most wireless printers I've seen also have an ethernet port. If it does, you can connect the printer to your network that way and have the switch port it connects to be on the guest vlan. That will bypass the authentication. 

If no ethernet on the printer, if you have a Mac server or wired Mac that's turned on all the time, its ethernet port can be set to be on multiple VLANs, one being your authenticated guest network and the other being any other VLAN which the printer can connect to. You then set up the Mac to print to the printer and buy the $20 utility "Printopia"(trial version is available) which will then share out any printers you like via Airprint over all subnets the Mac is connected to. 

I have a single Mac Mini server with Printopia sharing about a dozen printers over four subnets to 1,500 iPads in a school, and it works great. 

If you don't have an available Mac, there may be a Windows utility which does a similar task.

Good luck.