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Allow local traffic on tunneled connection

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Allow local traffic on tunneled connection

I have WAPs at a remote location with SSIDs that tunnel back to my MSM760 Controller. How do I allow IP traffic local to the remote network to stay within that network? Currently all traffic is tunned back and slows down local traffic accessing local resources. When I've tried to diable tunneling I'm unable to get a valid IP address.



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Re: Allow local traffic on tunneled connection

If you tunnel traffic to the controller for your VSC's, the wireless traffic will not stay local, and will have to be passed to the controller in the remote location. That's how tunneling works.

If you don't want certain traffic/devices tunneled, then you have to create a separate VSC so traffic on that VSC can stay local to that particular location. In that case, disable tunneling on that VSC and egress off the traffic (using VSC binding and Network Profiles) to a local VLAN, but you will have to setup an external DHCP server for that VLAN and configure an IP helper on your switch.


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