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Android cannot load HTTPS sites

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Android cannot load HTTPS sites

Im having a wird problem.
iPhones and laptops (Mac and Windows) can connect to the internet but not Android phones?

Any help would be apreciated

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Re: Android cannot load HTTPS sites

Your subject says can't load https sites, but the body says can't connect to internet. So i'm not sure where your issue is.

Can android users connect to external sites that are not HTTPS?

Can they connect to any internal site? Or are they not able to connect to anything internal or external?

On your VSC you have checked both authentication and access control so your traffic will come back to the controller via tunnel and egress onto segment DMZ4, and will use controller dhcp server - does android client get ip address 192.168.65.xx?

If not maybe the issue is the check box under access control: Present session and welcome pages. From help menu:

"Display of the Session page (and other pages that are part of the public access interface) may not work for all users. These pages will fail if the initial traffic from the user’s computer is sent by an application other than the user’s browser. For example: messaging software, automatic software update services, email applications"

Not an android expert but the way the wifi connection is handled may apply to above? If you don't need these try turning them off.