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Another MSM313 configuration

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Another MSM313 configuration

I just added a new MSM313 using a POE injector  with the below setup.


Cable coming out from injector pwoer/data going into the LAN port on the AP MSM313.


Problem I have is the LAN port inside the configuration, does not have DHCP, the internet port does, but cannot plug the POE into the internet port and should only use LAN port as per instructions. Kindly advise if I have misunderstood this.



Router     subnet

24 port switch



Need help configuring the LAN port and DNS


if I can use DHCP for this port, please advise.


All I see in the LAN port config is the IP and Mask, nothing for DNS and no DHCP.


Any help is gretly appreciated.



Is it possible to use the POE on the LAN as per instructions, but connect the Data Cable directly from the switch to the Internet Port. so the POE injector is only giving power on the LAN and the Data will be coming on the Internet port.


Can the above setup work? Only reason is again, the Internet port has DHCP.