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Assign static IP to AP E-MSM430

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Assign static IP to AP E-MSM430

I am trying to assign static IP information to 10 x E-MSM430 APs via n MSM760 controller. Currently they are set to DHCP which is causing issues.

I have read i need to turn on 'Replace any existing AP provisioning with controller-based provisioning settings' but i would just like to know what else this impacts and will it remove any other configuration from the APs when rebooted?

All i would like changed is DHCP > static IP, no other settings altered.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Ian Vaughan
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Re: Assign static IP to AP E-MSM430


You could do DHCP reservations so that the AP's always get the same IP address but they still do it dynamically so no additional configuration is needed at the remote end?

If your issue is just AP's picking up a different address if they lose thier lease, DHCP reservation will fix that for you.

You'll just need the MAC address of the AP which I'm sure that you can find on the controller.

Are you just using a DHCP service from a Windows server?

Are you using DHCP or DNS to help the AP's find thier controller or are they all on the same subnet?



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Re: Assign static IP to AP E-MSM430

Thanks Ian for your reply.

We have 3 DHCP servers, so the response could come from any which are available. Leaving as DHCP i would need to use the deny feature on 2 of the servers i guess to make sure only the server i choose to assign the reservations handles the requests.

Out of curiosity do you know what the option to 'Replace any existing AP provisioning with controller-based provisioning settings' is exactly and what else this would affect if we were to select this?