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CLI on MSM760 and MSM710 "no user profile"

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CLI on MSM760 and MSM710 "no user profile"


We use the CLI for automated user management on our MSM760 and 710 Controllers.

The command "user profile <name>" works correctly.

The command "no user profile <name>" should be used to remove this user from the local user list, according to the CLI Reference Guide on http://cdn.procurve.com/training/Manuals/r531/MSM7xx-CLI-RG-May09-5992-5933.pdf.

This command is accepted by the CLI, but the user is not deleted at all. We can still see it in the webinterface as well.

 We use firmware version

I opened a support call, but I did not receive a reaction yet.

Did anyone notice this problem as well, or even better, did anyone solve this problem already?