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Can't turn off web login for VSC

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Can't turn off web login for VSC

We have a MSM760 controlling around 30 MSM430 APs.


There are two VSCs setup on the controller, one for guests and one for administration.


The VSC for guests is setup with Authentication and access control enabled (using web login with local users).


The VSC for administration has both authentication and access control turned off, and is protected with WPA2-PSK. 


There are two SSIDs, one for each VSC, and they are broadcasted on all APs. We also have a list of mac-address exceptions listed under Public access -> attributes (these were used in a former setup, where guests and administration shared the same SSID/VSC and administration bypassed the web login with MAC authentication).


The problem is that when people connect to the administration SSID, they are still presented with the web login, even after entering the right PSK.


Any ideas to why this might happen?


Thank you for any help, and I apoligize if this is a duplicate post.

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Re: Can't turn off web login for VSC

Very odd...
Do users connecting to the administration VSC get the web logon page regarding of which particular AP they're connected to? Is it ALL the APs are just specific ones?

If specifics ones, try a factory reset maybe on the individual APs showing the issue. If it's ALL the APs, maybe try temporarily removing the guest VSC binding from the APs, synch, and see if the issue STILL occurs with only the administrator VSC bound to the APs.

Which version of code?
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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

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Re: Can't turn off web login for VSC

all wired traffic will br redirected to your Default VSC (1st one) unless you use ingress vlan mappings to get into your VSCs.

if your Administration VSC is not access-controlled and your GW is the controller, then you will get into your first VSC which it seems is HTML-login (Guest?)