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Cannot create multiple DHCP on MSM760 - V6.4.1.0

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Cannot create multiple DHCP on MSM760 - V6.4.1.0



Im trying to configure MSM760 with multiple vlans and multiple SSID's.


Modified the default SSID and configured default DHCP.


Please find the procedures that i did for new SSID :


           1. Created new profile and added vlan. Mapped vlan to LAN Port. 

           2. Created new SSID and linked with the vlan that i created.[VCS Mapping]

           3. Created DHCP with proper vlan range [Inside VCS Page]

           4. In default profile[All Access points are link with this], mapped the vcs mapping and selected egress mapping.


Problems that im facing:


some time AP are taking ip address from main DHCP and some time SSID Dhcp.

How to link the AP's to main dhcp ?


When im connecting to the new ssid , that geteway that i mention in the VCS DHCP its became the controller ip. I can reach the only the that ip.

How i can reach the default gateway from there ?




Any helps appreciated...


Kindly find the attached backup