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Captive Portal via External Webserver

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Captive Portal via External Webserver

Hi All,


I need to advise a customer to set up an external web server for offering free Internet service to Guests, wherein they will be presented with a page first to select the language (French or English) and then accoerdingly a page will be displayed with few lines of acceptable use policy and graphics etc., with a statement that their use of the service implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and the guest then clicks the proceed button to get Internet access.


I am assuming that I can supply the web content archive from the built in HTML authentication code as available on the MSM controller and customer can then suitably use that to come up with their content. MSM controller allows external web server Login-URL specification, and expects a certain format and set of 4 or 5 pages to be hosted on the web server. Since this is all free service, session page also need to be suppressed.


Can I get some more advice and if possible some sample code for an external web server authentication based implementation?


Thanks so much


DP Sharma