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Captive portal for MSM775


Captive portal for MSM775

Hello everyone,

A new requirement came and we need to authenticate guest users. Usernames and passwords should be generated from several PC's. I know that HP had/has Guest Management Software. For some reason it seems to be EoL. Is this correct? I don't want to use IMC (UAM), has anyone implemented third-parthy captive portals with MSM775 controller, using web authentication with user/password ?

Thanks for your input.

PS: 6.5.1 current software on the MSM


Re: Captive portal for MSM775


Guest Management Software is still available. Going to the download section of the MSM775 you can find it in the section "Other" and you can download it if the controller is entitled to software support.


The latest release is Guest Management Software (GMS) V2.0.2.0 from 18-Apr-2016. Starting with Version V2.x there is no requirement that the versions of GMS and the MSM controller should match.

If you have experience with configuring guest networks with other MSM controllers especially with MSM765 there should be no difference with MSM775. If you are using multiple controllers in team, you have to be aware of some limitations, for example you cannot use the controller as a DHCP server and you can use only a single option for DHCP Relay called "Extend VSC egress subnet to VSC ingress subnet".


You can consult the configuration guide, especially

chapter 20 Public/Guest network access

Chapter 14 Controller teaming, subchapter Guest Access and Teaming

Here is the GMS V2 Administrator Guide



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