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Captive portal not working

Occasional Contributor

Captive portal not working

I configured a VSC with HTML based authentication.

I can connect to the SSID configured in this VSC, but when I tried to browse, I'm not redirected to the Web Server for the authentication.


I use a MSM760 Mobility Controller.

The controller is connected to the network only with the LAN port.

I enabled the DNS interception.


Any ideas?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Captive portal not working

I found my problem.

I had an access list that authorized everything so I was not redirected to the portal to authenticate.


Re: Captive portal not working

Hi, I'm trying to achieve a similar setup. Can you explain in more detail what you had to do with the access list please? I'm not getting redirected either and I get immediate access to our network - no authentication is needed!