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Re: Choosing new Access Points

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Choosing new Access Points

I got the following setup:

1 MSM760 controller

40 MSM422 Access points


I need to add about 20 AP's on the same location. Would there be something wrong in choosing the new MSM466 instead of the old MSM422?

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Re: Choosing new Access Points

I wouldn't use a 466 unless you needed external antennas. Otherwise the 430 (2 spactial) and 460 (3 spatial) are the best options for dual radio APs.
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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

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Re: Choosing new Access Points

I'd agree with Jesse and go further to say that the 466 is ridiculously overpriced. Adding the cost of a dual band external antenna, it's more than twice as expensive than a 430. I'd sooner get two 430's for most situations. I have nine 466's and am not overly impressed.


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Re: Choosing new Access Points



keep in mind that youi might have to upgrade your controller to support the MSM430 or MSM466 APs. Check the release notes of your current version if there are already supported.





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