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Clients get IP from wrong VLAN scope - LAN interface


Clients get IP from wrong VLAN scope - LAN interface

MSM765zl in a 5412zl switch, MSM 430 APs


Because of trouble with the Internet port I created a guest VSC that will use the LAN port of the WLC.


Done so far:
- Created a VLAN 100 on switches between the APs (ports tagged) and the Internet modem (untagged), no ip addresses
- WLC LAN port tagged for VLAN 100

- The Internet modem should provide DHCP ip-adresses to the clients on the guest VSC.


Guest VSC:
- Authentication & Access control enabled
- Always tunnel client traffic enabled

- Network profile > Guest VLAN 100
- VLANs > Guest, VLAN 100, port - LAN port
- IP interface Guest on WLC, static ip in the same subnet as the DHCP scope on the Internet modem

- AP group > bound the guest VSC to the AP group with egress on the network profile Guest


IP routes has an Active route entry > Guest interface - destination - Gateway * - metric 0

I can ping vice versa between the WLC and the Internet modem.


The problem is that when connecting to the guest VSC the client gets an ip addres from a different VLAN (untagged).

As mentioned in the traffic flow with Wireless mobility control disabled, I 've entered the Guest interface in the VSC egress mapping in all combinations. That did not result in an IP-address from the right VLAn dhcp scope.


What am I missing or doing wrong?


Please help :) !



Re: Clients get IP from wrong VLAN scope - LAN interface



What I understood from description that same subnet IP address is provided two different VLAN on Controller, is that correct ?

If I understood it correctly, let me know do you have two different scope configured for each vlan and is that DHCP relayed from controller or Controller is acting as DHCP Server.



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Vivek Kumar Singh
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