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Computer is not connecting to the closest AP

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Computer is not connecting to the closest AP

Hi everyone,

I have a slow connection in WiFi.

I've just noticed the computers are not connecting to the closest AP (MSM 4120 and 430)

Did you see this behavior ?



Controleur : MSM 760

Firmware version :

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Re: Computer is not connecting to the closest AP

Hi Yann,

This is standard behaviour (For me in any case). Mobile devices are programmed to keep connections stable, and so hang on to the signal until it REALLY can not see it any more. I find that devices can send traffic up until it hits -70db, but they will keep their AP connection down to about -80db. This means that you can be connected to an AP but have no traffic flowing.

This behaviour can be changed for Windows by changing the roaming aggression setting on the network card to medium-high.

New Apple devices started roaming at -70db from a few updates back.

Android is the biggest headache. You may have to install an app that aggressively looks for stronger signals, but uses lots of battery. And also not so reliable...

There are some wifi standards that will force better roaming but AFAIK the HP MSM do not incorporate them. (MSM760 + MSM460/560/466R)

I have had a little success by adding more APs with reduced signal strength, but it got very expensive. (4x MSM760 + 500APs). You can also try enabling opportunistic key caching on the VSCs, which can cause faster handover. Also try a newer software version.

Good luck,