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Configure MSM760 teaming and guestaccess

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Configure MSM760 teaming and guestaccess

Have someone configure MSM760 teaming and guestaccess? I have a scenario when I want to create a scalable solution for the customer. Customer has already bought a MSM760 Mobility controller. I was wondering if I could preconfigure the teaming with only one controller. Further I haven’t figured out how to configure guest access when I'm using teaming.

Will every controller have a unique ip address for the client data tunnel, which means that I have to configure individual dhcp-scoopes at my external dhcp-server? In that case have to configure L3 roaming. An access point can be managed from any MSM controller and dependent to which controller the accesspoint connects I has different scoop of ip addresses for guest users. It feels like loosing control and makes the solution unnecessary complex.


Any ideas? 

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Re: Configure MSM760 teaming and guestaccess



Guest access works with one DHCP scope in a controller teaming configuration.


Have a look at example 6 "Healthcare Implementation" in the "HP ProCurve MultiService Mobility Implementation Guide". ....


This was the url, but the web site is being restructured ...  http://h10144.www1.hp.com/customercare/library/wireless-lan/msm760/index.aspx?pageTab=1