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Configuring MSM765

stefano colombo_1
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Configuring MSM765

Hi all ,
this is the first time I have to configure an MSM765 module so please forgive me if I make trivial questions.

We have a HP5406 switch with MSM765 module.
I've already enabled the MSM765 and made the basic configuration steps.
I've assigned an IP to the "LAN" port of the MSM module .
I've created a VLAN and assigned the "LAN" port of the module to it.
I've added to the same VLAN the ports I'm attaching the AP to.

The first question is about the "Internet" port of the MSM module.
I've read the documentation and could not understand the use of it .
If I only want to set up an "internal" wireless lan is it enough to configure the "LAN" port ?

I'm also interested in a configuration with multple SSIDs on each access point and to assign each SSID to a different VLAN .
Can anyone help me with that ?


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Re: Configuring MSM765

i'd find it very interesting to know how to get software updates for the Colubris erm Procurve MSM765, since colubris.com is no longer online?

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Re: Configuring MSM765

for the configuration you can check the implementation guide on my.procurve.com.

Regarding the internet port you don't need to use it you can only use the LAN port.

for the software you need to contact HP Support to see if you are applicable for it since the software warranty for MSM is only 1 yr for minor updates.

Stefano if you have any issues regarding the configuration after reviewing the guide please ask.