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Connect 3CRWE154G72 to a 802.11n AP

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Connect 3CRWE154G72 to a 802.11n AP


I have a PCMCIA 3CRWE154G72 wireless adaptor. I had a wireless AP with 802.11g configured with WPA security and they both worked correctly.

Now I have purchased a Cisco Linksys WAG160N, and now my 3Com wireless PCMCIA can't connect correctly to the AP. The 3Com sees that my AP is always changing the channel (from 6 to 11, and back to 6...), but that's a a normal behaviour of the 802.11n so it provides more speed and range.

Unfortunately, this seems to make problems in my 3Com 802.11g PCMCIA. I changed from DHCP to a fixed IP, but with no luck.

My driver version is, and my 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless Utility is version

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.