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Controlled AP Discovery Death - What causes this?

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Controlled AP Discovery Death - What causes this?

Customer is a large site with 5 x MSM760 in a team and about 600 x MSM317.


He is on version 5.7.???? (will find out exact version).


Quite a large number of MSM317 will report  - Controlled AP Discovery Death - everyday or every other day. It doesn't appear that the controller or AP was rebooted. Customer was not making any config change or anything like that when this happens.


The site has 5 x MSM760 controllers in a team with around 600 x MSM371 and a dew MSM460 or MSM430.


Wanted to know what the meaning of this error message is.


Customer is not seeing any user impact because of this as far as he can tell.


See attachment.