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Controller - General Configuration

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Controller - General Configuration

Hi ,


I am proposing a solution , where in i have an HP 830 or HP MSM controller and some 20 odd access points for a campus Wifi Solution .


I have to connect the controller , to their Core Switch .

I need to have 2 SSIDS one for Management users and other for Finance users .


I have a general idea about the configuration and topology to be implemeneted , and want to confim with you guys  , as i am relatively new to the HP Ecosystem .




My plan is


A. to dedicate two vlans  , 1 for management and 1 for finance . 


B. Assuming there is a management VLAN for network devices ( VLAN 1 usually ) , i ll trunk the uplink port on the core switch , and allow three VLANS namely , MGMT (1),MANAG(10),FINAN(20)


C. ( Now this is where i need help as i am new to HP) As i understand i should create 2 VSCs , one for wifimanagement , one for wififinance.


D. Create two network profiles ( besides the built in Internet,Lan profiles).


E. Assign respective Vlans to both ( ie. Vlan 10 and vlan 20 to the two new network profiles)


F.Assign ip address to the two new network profiles.


G. Assign VLAN 1 ip address to the LAN/Internet default profiles.


F. Finally connect the Controller to the Core Switch .



Please correct me of the above menthodology is wrong.