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Re: Convert standalone MSM765zl solution to team

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Andreas Papamihael
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Convert standalone MSM765zl solution to team


Customer is expanding and to overcome license limits, we need to add an additional controller. I understand that for DHCP purposes i will need to provide an external DHCP for the APs. I dont want to loose the current config. Will i be able to convert the current setup to a team setup without loosing settings?



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Re: Convert standalone MSM765zl solution to team


Yes, you should be able to convert the standalone controller into team.  But do note some of the limitation with regards to DHCP server, access controlled VSC solutions using external DHCP server. 

Unsupported features

The following features are not supported when teaming is enabled:

• DHCP server

• L2TP server

• PPTP server

• PPTP client

• Subscription plans

• Payment services

• Accounting persistence

• Billing records

• Configuring an ingress VLAN on a VSC

• Connecting wired clients to the LAN port (Access network on the MSM720) on a controller

• Autonomous APs or third-party APs using the controller team for authentication services

For limitations that apply when configuring a team to support guest access, see “Guest access and teaming” (page 281).


Hope this helps.