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Crazy about MSM760

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Crazy about MSM760

I need setup up a MSM760 for my company. There are 6 departments at here. Each department have their own vlan&DHCP scope. When they connect to wireless, they also need access the resource in wired network.

In this case, I setup the controller as the document.I connect the lan port to cisco3750 and set the port on 3750 to trunk and do other configration like IP helper address.I place all APs to VLAN10. (Our internal vlan is 20-30).Then i create 6 VSCs without access control and Authentication, and bound it to each group with different egress vlan. But everyone who link to wireless can not obtain IP from DHCP in wired network. I try exchange the LAN port and Internet port to setup below enviroment. But not work.

But my colleague in other city try the same setting in MSM760+HP switch is working good. Could you guys help me to solved this problem?Is there any special setting on cisco switch?




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Re: Crazy about MSM760

please send me cisco switch and procurve switch sh run print