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Creating Guest SSID problem

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Creating Guest SSID problem



i have 3 MSM760 working as a Team, with Access Point MSM460, i have created SSID for Employees lets call it "FMC"

this SSID authenticate using Network policy server [ NPS ], as you know each user have its own domain account to connect to " FMC "    ...everything working ok on this SSID and no problems to mention, But....


when i create a new SSID Pre-shared key or even tried to configure Guest Access using automated work-flow but i faced problem on the pre-shared key SSID that the old SSID that works with NP stopped and the PSK was working OK .


so i rolled back


and in Guest Access automated work-flow the new SSID that should authenticate using HTML didnt work as well, because when you try to connect the user cant acquire IP address even i have created the different VLANs from the NPS vlans which works with different ip Pool


any advice?