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Custom captive portail guests

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Custom captive portail guests

Hello everyone.

i would like to know if i's possible to custom the default portail captive on msm720.

Custom goForm/HTMLLoginRequest?

i would like to create a portail captive, free for guest but only text box for their e-mail. i need to collect their e-mail.


i know Cisco Meraki had solution like that: Facebook Login or E-mail login.

If someone had already custom the captive portial like that.

Or other idea?

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Re: Custom captive portail guests


No such feature available with MSM.  Its possible to customize the Portal pages (look and feel, text, logo..etc) BUT there isnt a way to collect the information and post it back to a repository within the controller.


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Re: Custom captive portail guests

I know this post is a little old but there is a possible option. The built in web server is a little limited,  it supports a "mini" ASP web server.  But the page is very customizable within that limitation.  You have to set the controller in advanced administration mode, there you have complete HTML editing access.  There are several examples on line and a table of parameters that can be sent and received by the portal.  You will not be able to save e-mail address on the msm itself.  But if you a web developer I believe you can embed an external web resource to collect and save that data on post.

You can also host the entire portal on a dedicated web server.  As long as you pass back the correct information to authorize a user you can use any technology you want to host the page.