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Customizing Web-portal

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Customizing Web-portal



I am trying to do some kind of registration of users logging on to a Guest VSC.

Does anyone know, if it is possible to set up a customized website, where users should add their e-mail address for validation.


The normal way, is that a user should enter username/password before getting access to the Internet.

I know, that a user is still on the "closed" network until username/password is entered.

After that, the user is granted access to Internet.


Let`s say, that a user connect to the Guest VSC, use the free access option but are required to write an e-mail address before getting access.

The e-mail address should be validated somewhere, but I don`t know if it is possible to do any check on a users e-mail.

If the user doesn`t write a valid e-mail, the user should be sent back to the first page and access should be denied.



Re: Customizing Web-portal

you can allow access to additional servers/sites before authentication happens.


I've done some minor modifications on my web pages - primarily because I don't use credit cards and what not... and I needed to have two different authentication pages... one for students, and one for guests... (students are authenticated via web from windows 2003 IAS/Radius server and the guest "walled garden" is authenticated from the local msm authentication.  I think you can use an external authentication web server, but am not certain how to configure that...

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