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DHCP not being passed to wireless clients

Dale Qualls
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DHCP not being passed to wireless clients

I have a MSM765.  This has been working great for over a year.  Now, my guest wireless clients do not receive an IP address from the guest wireless router.  This is a segmented VSC, away from my internal traffic, simply for guest internet access. 


Nothing has changed on the configuration (I'm the only person that has access to the config).  If I plug a laptop into the router I receive a DHCP address with no issue.   I've changed the cable from the switch to the guest internet router, I've even configured another router with the same settings and swapped it out (again, a laptop plugged into the router gets an address with no issue).


Anyone have any suggestions?  I've rebooted the MSM, I've reset the WAPs (unplugged from POE) and I've synchronized the WAPs several times (although I don't think it's a WAP problem).


My internal network, which gets its IP addresses from the DHCP server on my domain, has NO issues.  If I attach to the internal wireless I get an address with no issue.


This appears to be a problem ONLY with the guest VSC.


Thoughts?  Suggestions?

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Re: DHCP not being passed to wireless clients

This happened to me yesterday after I tried changing the WPA password on a VSC.


I ended up removing the VSC from any groups, Deleted the VSC, left if for a bit to the the team members get updated. Then started from scratch creating the VSC again etc etc...