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DNS from Internet port on MSM765

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DNS from Internet port on MSM765

I am trying to use a DNS server that is on the Internet for the MSM765 so the VSCs that are using the MSM for access control will resolve to outside IPs for our network resources. The problem is that when I set the DNS servers to the servers on the Internet, the MSM cannot reach it to resolve. If I use our internal DNS servers, it can resolve names and users can get out to the Internet.
Any ideas?



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Re: DNS from Internet port on MSM765

Not sure I understand exactly how your setup is done, but the MSM controller uses the DNS entries listed in Service Controler > Network > DNS server to resolve the names. If you make sure your public DNS are listed there (either dynamically assigned or manually assigned by overriding assigned DNS servers), user requests should be intercepted by the controller and forwarded for resolution to these specified DNS.

Let me know if that helps and if not can you describe a little bit more the layout of your setup?