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Different DNS for different VSC?


Different DNS for different VSC?


Sorry for all my new threads but i new to MSM760 and i hope someone still wanna help me :)

The problem is that i want different DNS for the different VSCs. I can specify DNS in the DHCP-server for the different VSCs but only if the DNS i on that subnet or else i get the message like this "The DNS you specified is not on this subnet".

Is there a way to go around this?



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Re: Different DNS for different VSC?

I don't know anyway to get around this but to have an external DHCP server providing you with the address/DNS allocation that you need. The internal DHCP of the MSM controller is handy but was made for a specific purpose and therefore has limited capabilities.

Re: Different DNS for different VSC?

Fred is correct.
The internal DHCP server is purposely make for Access Control IP Address Assignment. You try to uncheck the Access Control in the VSC then DHCP option will be missing from the VSC.
The internal DHCP server will be assigning DHCP for Access Control user who gateway to the controller as internet access gateway.
Actually, the DNS in the DHCP option in controller is a virtual DNS which refer to the DNS that you pre-set before in your controller (Service Controller->Network->DNS).
If you going to set the DNS for Non Access Control VSC, please assign another external DHCP device like server, or router.

Hope this will help you.