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Download Firmware for MSM710

Andreas Zogg
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Download Firmware for MSM710

We have purchased a new Accespoint MSM410. Now the MSM710 say that it is a Firmware failure. I have read somewhere that i should update the Firmware from the MSM710. Where can i download the Firmware, i cannot find a download link

Peter Tobin
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Re: Download Firmware for MSM710

Hi Andreas,

There is more information at the following URL:


Included at this site I read "Software is provided via Customer Support for bug/defect fixes for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase of the product. After that date, customers need a Care Pack or Contract for each hardware unit that they intend to upgrade or update."

I'm not sure if you should contact your reseller or HP directly, however if you go to the "HP Networking" website, select "Support" and then select ContactUs, this will provide information on how to contact HP.

To access contact information from my location I enter the following URL:


I hope this helps and wishing you the best!