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Duplicate mails on Wifi


Duplicate mails on Wifi

A couple of users on our MSM760 complains that they receive mails not intended for them on Outlook web app.

I have not investigated it yet, but I am wondering if the Wifi controller caches communication that can cause situations like this? 

If I select "Terminate WPA at the controller" I can apparently increase the security on the wifi... but it states that I will be limitted to 50 sessions if I do so.

50 sessions? Meaning 50 clients? Pr. AP or total?

Regards, Lars.

Ian Vaughan
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Re: Duplicate mails on Wifi


I had to read the title of the post several times but I think I understand now...

I would be *very* surprised if there is anything happening specifically with the WIfi that is resulting in email being delivered wrongly - in any case if you are saying that emails delivered to a *cloud based* service (i.e. hosted somewhere else on the web) are experiencing problems I would look to see if any other web based services are impacted?

As regards terminating the encrypted sessions on the controller rather than the AP, it can be useful if you don't / can't  trust your LAN as transport (PCI-DSS Compliance for instance). The downside is that the controller will only handle a certain number of sessions due to the crypto requirement - 50 client sessions sounds about right.

In most cases of authenticated users you'll probably just want to egress them locally onto a VLAN behind the AP.

Always worth looking at the Release Notes for the latest software for your controller to see if an upgrade gets you some worthwhile fixes or features.

Let us know what you find.



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