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E-MSM430 - Firmware Downgrade


E-MSM430 - Firmware Downgrade

Does anyone know where I can download the firmware. I've looked on HP support site but I cant see it anyway.


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Re: E-MSM430 - Firmware Downgrade

I have the same question, sort of, and then some.    I THINK I found where to download AP firmware (below) -- but all I can find for MSM430s are 4 downloads that are supposedly for v5.3.1, but it seems to be just MIBs, SOAP, Public Access Examples .   When I try to update my autonomous MSM430, it complains that the file is truncated.


Why do you want to downgrade to 5.5.2 -- in fact, what are you running and how did you get it there if the most recent version on the Web site is 5.3.1?      What IS the latest version?  And is there a problem with it?  Should I just keep my MSM430s at 5.5.2


Here's where I found v5.3.1, though I'm not sure this is the right place for the most recent firmware, or for firmware at all --




Click path:

HP Networking: http://h17007.www1.hp.com/us/en/products/index.aspx
Contract & Care Pack customer software download instructions
Download drivers and software
Search products: MSM430


Where should we be for the latest firmware?




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Re: E-MSM430 - Firmware Downgrade

The MSM firmwares are not available for public, if you want them you need to contact HP support and ask for the firmware if you are entitled for it and the reason you want it.


Version 5.5.2.x was having some issues that's why HP has boot 5.5.3 and there is a notification with it mentioning how to upgrade to it and why.


Can I ask why you want 5.5.2 ?

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Re: E-MSM430 - Firmware Downgrade

You don't want to use 5.52. 5.5.1 should still be available though. Software can be downloaded from https://h10145.www1.hp.com/Downloads/ProductsList.aspx