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E-MSM430 Not Passing on to Network

lee pritchard
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E-MSM430 Not Passing on to Network

I have an E-MSM430 access point on test with a MSM720 Controller.


I have created a Guest and Employee profile and they both work fine.  If any device connects to the device it will authenticate fine and work all day.  When you come in the next day however the access point authenticates but does not seem to connect you to the Network.


The firmware revision is ....





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Re: E-MSM430 Not Passing on to Network

When the problem is occuring, please save the complete unfiltered system log and collect a sysinfo.bin file from the MSM720 controller.


Then, contact support, open a case, and provide those files to them.  Also provide the serial number of the MSM720 controller.


Thank you.