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E-MSM430 pings only behind a random basic switch

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E-MSM430 pings only behind a random basic switch

Hi everyone,


First of all hardware used:


Wifi Hotspot:       HP E-MSM430

ZyXEL PoE-12

PoE injector: http://us.zyxel.com/products/details.aspx?pc1indexflag=20040520161143&categorygroupno=e3ac7c58-dccb-4632-9e5e-cae99f62b40c

Dell switch Powerconnect 2724 unmanaged mode


We use a PoE injector because our switches don't have the PoE feature. Here is what i did


- Basic configuration of the E-MSM430 with static IP/subnet mask/gateway/DNS assigned


In this case the hotspot responds to ping and works just fine

Powerconnect 2724 =====> wall plug =====> basic switch =====> H-MSM430


In these cases no network activity, no led activation on the powerconnect 2724

Powerconnect 2724 =====> wall plug =====> H-MSM430

Powerconnect 2724 =====> H-MSM430


Hope i was clear enough, please feel free to add a comment if i forgot something to make this work






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Re: E-MSM430 pings only behind a random basic switch

This should NOT be the case in this decade, but it sounds like the old style ethernet ports which did not support auto mdi/mdix switching. In those days, if you went directly from one device to another, you had to use a crossover cable. Despite this being 2011, the fact that any old switch in between the two devices makes it work means I'd try a crossover cable, just in case that is somehow the problem. 

The PoE injector should be invisible to this process, but it, in fact, might be the cause of the problem, too. 


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Re: E-MSM430 pings only behind a random basic switch

Thank you tschaps for your answer, and by the way the power injector connects this way


wall plug ====>(data)power injector(data+power)=====>E-MSM430


Tried with a crossover cable, just one, on data plug side of the injector and on data+power side. No changes. Maybe i should try with two crossover cables not certain it's gonna make any change but hey...


Maybe you're right the issue comes from the power injector...