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E-MSM430 will disable port on cisco switch

Gilbert Garcia
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E-MSM430 will disable port on cisco switch

I just purchased a E-MSM430, changed it to autonomous mode, gave it a static IP Address (10.2.206.x), and setup the wireless security to WPA2. Plugged it into our network and we can access it and access our network. The problem is we have the hospital network coming into our network for various reasons and the port on the cisco switch from the hospital will disable itself and it is because of this Access Point. It seems bdpu's were flooding the port causing the switch to disable itself. Can someone tell me what settings I need to disable in order to stop disabling the port. Thank you in advance!

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Re: E-MSM430 will disable port on cisco switch

BPDU's are related to spanning tree - you can turn off spanning tree support or verify it is off by going through the menus (I believe it is under Management or Maintenance).

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