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E-MSM765zl external DHCP not working

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E-MSM765zl external DHCP not working

I am trying to create two VSC one that is password protected that I can go ahead and have it on my student machines, and a guest account, that has html page, username and password. I used these two items to get me to this point


http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c02682324/c02682324.pdf   (Education setup)

http://cdn.procurve.com/training/Manuals/r52/45-10-0000-03_5.2.0_AG_Deploy_en.pdf  (pg112 on)


I created both VSCs and the guest one connects and they are asked to login etc. My other one for password protection for students gets the same ip addresses as the Guest VSCs. I setup the lan port (set to on a separate subnet from everything else and set my internet port to my internal network ( I setup DHCP in Address allocation figured it would be needed for the Guest VSC but my School VSC picks up from the same DHCP how do I tell it to use an already DHCP running server. Thanks