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Eggress user to multiple VLAN's

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Eggress user to multiple VLAN's



We have a scenario that we need user account that log's on to AP via 802.1x or local database user.

But he need's to access multiple VLAN:s at the same session, how this can be done. Do i need to setup VLAN's to interface LAN or what you suggest?


Now we're using it with eggress network to some vlan, but it's not possible even to do range, because VLAN's are not always next vlan like VLAN 10-30 it might be VLAN 10-20 + 30-40.


And can i use internal database user or just VSC to assign it to multiple VLAN's via eggress?

Scott Farrand

Re: Eggress user to multiple VLAN's

What are you trying to accomplish?