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Factory Floor network arrangement.

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Factory Floor network arrangement.

Hello Everybody.


I need some assistance in selecting an access point to our particular network schema.


Currently in our factry floor que have 15 test benches that report to a server running a database the resulting test data.


However, mobility of the benches has become a must since it isnecessary that test benches can be moved along the production line.


I decided to buy cheap TP-LINK routers with WDS (altough I think they are working on a repeater mode) and put them on every bench, so they can work as a cable substitution device. 


I also used one of those TP-LINK to connect the rest of the routers to the computer where database is running.


However it came to a problem when I realized that thos routers can bridge up to 6 devices so I will need to bridge several  routers to accomplish the task and that is out of the question.


We have a 3com AP (WL-450), and I managed to connect the TP-LINK routers to it, sadly is discontinued.


I was looking at the HP MSM series and I was looking at the MSM-430 and 460. Could they replace the 3com as an access point?


My main concerning is that the manual says that they can support up to 250 clients, but, when they say clients, what are they referring to?


It mean that I can connect 250 bridges to the MSM? That is my main concern.


I hope you guys can help me, if you need more information I can provide it. 


Best regards and thsnks in advance.