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Few questions about MSM765zl and VSCs

Don Duvall_1
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Few questions about MSM765zl and VSCs

I'm getting conflicting information from the PDF docs, the help files and a HP Solutions Architect I've been in contact with.

First, what I think will be a simple one.

In order to enable "HTML-based user logins", say for guest logins so I don't have to use a 802.1x supplicant on guest machines, "Access Control" under global in the VSC config must be enabled. That much seems obvious as I can only get the HTML-based logins option to even appear if I've first enable Access Control.

OK, so if HTML logins into a VSC requrie Access Control, doesn't Access Control imply tunneling all traffic, including user traffic, back to the controller and the traffic proceeds on from there, say out the Internet port for instance.

Where this is coming from is my superior would like to setup some MSM317 APs at an off-site building (which has it's own Internet Access link) who are managed by a MSM765zl back here in the home office. The thing is for guest access he wants to user "HTML-based user logins" which in all of my testing has required tunneling all traffic back to the controller to get it to work which seems to mean all that traffic would then need to use the Internet port back on the MSM765zl for Internet access.

My Solutions Architect does not believe this is the case, but also did not understand why HTML-based logins could only be enabled when Access Control was enabled first.

Basically my question is...

Does HTML-based logins require Access Contol which then also implies that all traffic in this mode is tunneled to the MSM765zl controller?

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Re: Few questions about MSM765zl and VSCs

Hi Don

Short answer - yes and yes.

The only way to use HTML-based login is to have the VSC Access Controlled. When Access Control is used, all user traffic will be tunneled through the controller.



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