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Forbid traffic between VSCs

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Forbid traffic between VSCs



i have a MSM710 controller and 2 VSCs on it. Every VSC has its own SSID and a seperate IP-Range.

VSC 1:

SSID: Guest

DHCP-Server: from to



VSC 2.

SSID: Intranet

DHCP-Server: from to



There is a option: -- Allow traffic between --; there I selected -- no --


When I connect to VSC1 with 2 devices everything is ok: They cant ping each other and cant communicate. This is ok, I dont want them to communicate.

When I connect one device to VSC1 and another device on VSC2 there is a problem. I can ping from VSC1 to the device in VSC2. The MSM710 routes the traffic to the other net.

Is there a possibility to disable it?

I hope you can help me,

thank you.