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GMS V5.7 and Teaming

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GMS V5.7 and Teaming

I just read the release notes for version 5.7.0 and found out, that this version does not support teamed controllers. I wanted to ask, what are the issues with teaming support and GMS? Is there any possibility of workaround to have Teaming working with new GMS ?


Re: GMS V5.7 and Teaming



There are various technical reasons why it isn't supported which have to do with the functionality of teaming, failover, databases and more. I don't know for certain if it was ever supported with teaming, but in 5.5.3 it was also unsupported with following note:

"Although GMS 5.5.3 can interact with MSM7xx Controller teams, GMS does not officially support MSM7xx Controller teams."


It's unfortunate, but if it was easily possible to implement properly it would have been done long ago. The workaround would be to use GMS 5.5.x, but don't expect it to work properly, and you should consider Teaming and GMS mutually exlusive (at least for now) when designing a wireless networking solution with MSM7xx Controllers.

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Re: GMS V5.7 and Teaming

Do you have any suggestion of similar software, that has no problems with controller team? It does not have to be some windows application, but the problem is, that it needs to be really simple for non-IT reception workers to produce vouchers. The wizard system of GMS was very simple and understandable for them. I have been trying to find some radius based application, but the GUIs for radiuses are note very usable for girls at reception.