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Guest Network Issues with MSM710

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Guest Network Issues with MSM710

We have recently deployed the MSM710 and multiple APs in our office.  We are using the LAN port for the local pass through and the Internet port to point to our guest network which runs a different IP range then our internal network.  The issue I am having is with access to webmail and our external sharepoint site.  Looks like the recuests for those sites are being sent as the local IP for those sites and not the external IP.  This seems to prevent the request from making it back to the computer connected to the guest network.  Does anyone know a simple way to allow this to work?

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Re: Guest Network Issues with MSM710

Typically in my deployments I use the Internet port to connect to the internal network, then use ACL's on the switch to prevent access to resources they should not be getting to. This is a limitation within the controller, it will not allow guest users to access IP's on the LAN port subnet.

You could possibly use an external DNS server - configure it in the controller under Network > DNS - which would resolve your IP's to the external address, or else set up records on your internal DNS to point to the external IP.
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