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Guest VLAN design and recommendations

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Guest VLAN design and recommendations

Hi all,

I am new to these MSM series access points. I want to know how to configure a guest VLAN to fit with my current topology.

I am using
1x MSM313 WW as my guest/internal hotspot
1x MSM310 WW as my anonymous mode for guest/internal users

The MSM313 has a connection has a direct connection to the internet and another connection to my ProCurve 2910 (LAN).

All my VLAN(s) are configured on my 2910.

I also use a Juniper SRX240 as my firewall/router and that has its own internet connection as well.

What I want to do is all my internal LAN traffic will pass through my Juniper and all my guest traffic to pass through my MSM313 but I can't quite figure out how to do that?

Is it possible to create an SSID and map it to a VLAN and point it out of the MSM313. (push traffic through the MSM313 WAN port)

I tested and all my traffic that does go through my LAN port goes through my Juniper.

I attached a topology just to give you guys a heads up of what I am trying to do. If anybody has any advice that would be great!