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Guest Wifi Access HTML Redirect page not working

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Guest Wifi Access HTML Redirect page not working

Hi guys,


Ive spent a number of hours trying to get this to work and Im getting desperate. Im pretty sure its going to be a simple problem but Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


Have a MSM 730 with 15 AP's have a few VSCs running over different VLANs.  MSM is connected to LAN port only however I have set one of the VLANs up to have straight out internet access.


If I remove authentication from the VSC and connect to it I get an address and the internet works straight out. I want to make use of the HTML login auth but when I activate this and set it up my IE page never redirects and I cant get anything.


I havent added anything to the access list and am using the local auth server. I can browse to the MSMs IP/index.asp:8080 from other machines and can login using the Username/Password I set up.


Do you have to connect the internet port to get HTML auth to work or am I missing something here?


Any help GREATLY appreciated



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Re: Guest Wifi Access HTML Redirect page not working

Not sure with your product or exactly what your doing, but when setting up the web portal on our WX I had to allow all our DNS servers free access from the client - before the page would be displayed.


This is the link for it:



hope it helps.