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HP 425 AP console port

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HP 425 AP console port

Hello, do anybody know the console port settings for a HP 425 Wireless AP.

I have tried the "normal" 9600, 19200, 38400 and 115200 without luck.





Re: HP 425 AP console port

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HP 420 and HP425 AP have the similar console port configuration


Terminal Configuration
To connect a console to the access point, configure the PC terminal emulator
as a DECVT-100 (ANSI)terminaloruse a VT-100 terminal, and configure either
one to operate with these settings:
• 9600 baud
• 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, and flow control set to None
• For the Windows Terminal program, also disable (uncheck) the “Use
Function, Arrow, and Ctrl Keys for Windows” option
• For the Hilgraeve HyperTerminal program, select the “Terminal keys”
option for the “Function, arrow, and ctrl keys act as” parameter
You can only attach to the console using these configuration settings.


please refer to page 25 of user guide for more info:



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Re: HP 425 AP console port

I'm a bit curious what exactly do you want to achieve through console port?


AP 425 does not work as a standalone unit at all, it requires a controller. From Quick Start guide:


"To become operational, the AP must establish a management tunnel with an HP 10500/7500 WLAN Module, HP 830, HP WX5002/WX5004, or HP MSM720/MSM760/MSM765 zl Controller. The controller manages the AP and provides all configuration settings."


AP 425 has nothing to do with AP 420. The console port of AP 425 is not intended to be used as a management interface. If you run into problems with your AP, HP Support may ask you to access the console port to gather specific data, but in everyday usage it has no function.


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