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HP 425 AP network problems


HP 425 AP network problems

Hi all,


At the moment i am having a realy anoying problem with these HP 435 AP.

I have MSM 720 controller and 8 HP 435 AP which are connected to the controller via LAN using PoE. MSM 720 is connected to our HP core switch.

At some point of time all of those AP-s just go offline. When i try to ping them from my pc connected to the same network there is a lot of lost packets, and ping is way to high. During this period ping to MSM 720 is ok.


Sometimes it last for 30min, sometimes for few hours.


I do not have any VLAN-s configured.  We have around 10 HP ProCurve switches  with STP enabled.

Also MSM 720 is running with the newest firmware.


Important thing is that we do not have these kind of problems with other network devices(PC, printers..)


Any clues why is this happening?


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Re: HP 425 AP network problems

Which switch port status when this problem occurs? The Controller also lose communication with the access points? ? Is there any error log switch / controller / AP?

Re: HP 425 AP network problems

Controller also lose connection to those accespoints. But if i try to ping AP-s from any computer in company there is still ping timeout, high ping numbers.

At this time if i ping controlloer itselfe there is no problem at all.


So the main problem are those AP.


Yes there is a log, but all i have is that AP is down/unable to connect... Nothing more..

Also i have somwhere around 200 network devices (pc, laptops,printers,PLC) and they all work fine when i have this problem with those AP.