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HP MSM 720 Portal Customization

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HP MSM 720 Portal Customization



We are implementing HP MSM 720 for Guest access in multiple sites & Remote Radius Server.

The scenario works well but we have some issues which need to be answered.


1)We want to use the logout IP feature of the controller.However when you type the logout IP or url, the logout is performed and the browser is being redirected to the index.asp. Is there a way to redirect to another page?? It seems that this redirection is performed internally on the controller and is not editable through the public access interface.


2)We want to use the function GetRadiusReplyMessage() to give a meaning when a login action fails(eg "invalid password"). I tested this and it looks like working when a login is succesful(Reply-message="Access Accepted").

But when a login fails it doesn't type anything on the HTML(although the RADIUS returns a message).Anybody used this function before??


Any help is appreciated.