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HP MSM 720 - Redundancy and failover/ Basic configuration

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HP MSM 720 - Redundancy and failover/ Basic configuration

Hello Everyone,


I am working on one project which has HP core (5406zl) redundant switches and HP access switches. Additionally i have to configure redundant HP MSM 720 controllers. 93 access points will be registed to this controllers.


I working for Juniper and Cisco Wireless controller but i am new to HP wireless controllers.  Need help how to configure this two wireless controller with two redundant core switches.


Do i need to configure Active/Active or Active/Standby. I read on this forum that teaming need to be done for controller failover.


My request to HP Wireless controllers experts on this forum to advise or provide any documentation to complete the configuration. Also kinldy advise if any further licencing is required for redundany or failover.




Below is the details for wireless


HP MSM430 Dual Radio 802.11n AP (WW) 93 HP1yNbd Exchange Plus MSM430 AP Support 93 HP MSM760 Access Controller 2   INCLUDED: HP MSM720/760/765 Add 10 AP E-LTU United Kingdom - English localization 2 HP MSM Additional 40 Access Point License 2 HP X230 CX4 CX4 3m Cable 4 HP 3y 24x7 Networks Group 7 SW Supp  [for J9371A] 2 HP3yNbdExchPlusMSM760AcsCntrlrSupport  [for J9421A] 2



Replies in the regard will be highly appricated.

Many Thanks.

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Re: HP MSM 720 - Redundancy and failover/ Basic configuration

Try on following 

Documentation MSM